Balloons over France

Welcome to Balloons over France: hot-air balloon flights in south-west France

Balloons over France

Take a balloon flight over the Gers

You may have seen our first balloon floating in the sky above the Gers in the south-west of France - or its adjacent departements. Why not book a flight in it for yourself? There is nowhere quite like the Gers and there's nothing like flying over it in a balloon.

Balloon flights over the Gers - for small groups

We specialize in small group balloon flights in the Gers and its adjacent départements. You can reserve a flight for 3 people. (We don't believe that big noisy groups and balloon flights are compatible!) We can arrange to take off from your property (flight clearance and weather allowing) or we can try to arrange a flight near your favourite corner of the Gers or elsewhere in the south-west of France. Just after sunrise or just before sunset are the times we fly.

Hot-air ballooning: safety and pleasure combined!

We use the very best in balloon design and technology, flying a UK-made balloon from world-renown balloon-makers, Cameron Balloons. Our pilot has been trained to France's most up-to-date and rigorous balloon-aviation norms. We do the work so that you can enjoy the fun of flying with us!

A magnificent view of the Pyrénées from above Eauze.

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