Balloons over France

Our balloon flights in the Gers

Ballooning over France

If you are in (or near) the Gers

If you are in (or near) the Gers in south-west France, then we can arrange a balloon flight for you. If flight clearances and the weather allow, then we can arrange to come to you and take off from your property. Or you can come to us. It's your choice.

Because the Gers is such a magical département, flying over it is a sublime experience. Without motorways or heavy industry, the Gers is predominantly agricultural. It is also dotted with small towns and villages and has a handful of cathedrals (at Auch, Condom, Eauze and Lectoure) and numerous ancient monuments and fine country houses. Serenely floating over it in our balloon, you’ll see wooded hills, gentle valleys and fields full of sunflowers, maize or vines. On a clear day, you’ll also see the distant chain of the Pyrénées.

Frequently-asked questions

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We can take 2 or 3 people at a time.

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