Balloons over France

Balloon flights in south-west France: frequently-asked questions

Planning my flight

Planning my balloon flight

Can I take a balloon flight at any time of the year?

Yes, it's possible. However, it's more difficult to find ideal weather (and ground that's not too wet) between November and February. You can always contact us to verify your preferred date.

What time of day can I fly?

Usually you can decide between a sunrise or a sunset flight. Both times make use of lighter winds and the atmospheric stability of dawn and dusk. Your choice will depend on which you prefer and our agreed take-off spot.

We might also be able to take a daytime flight in winter if thermals are at a minimum.

How many of us can fly at the same time?

We take bookings for 2 or 3 adults at a time. This is an ideal group size to get the most benefit from the magic of balloon flight.

Where can I fly?

We are able to fly you in the Gers in our own balloon. If you know the Gers, you'll know how absolutely stunning it can be, so just imagine flying over parts of it. If you want Philippe to bring a balloon to your garden so that you take off from your own home, check with us first, to see what is possible. (Various air traffic rules may obtain on your chosen day and in your particular location, so this needs verifying first.)

How do I find you for take off?

This depends on the weather, particularly the wind, on our rendez-vous day. It also depends on whether we're taking off from your garden, or meeting you at a pre-arranged spot or whether you're coming to us. These are options we'll discuss when you contact us. Whatever arrangement we make, we'll both be able to make and keep contact so that our rendez-vous works.

Can I request that you fly over a specific place?

Yes, you can, but we can't guarantee that it will be possible. In general balloon flights are governed by the wind and it is the wind that decides where we go, not us!

Where am I going to land?

Our balloon flights usually last between one and one and a quarter hours. When we land, our ground crew drive to meet us.
In the basket

In the balloon basket

What altitude do we reach?

We can fly up to between 150 and 1,800 metres. With luck, we can fly high enough for you to have an unforgettable view of the Pyrénées.

How safe will my flight be?

Very safe. European flying regulations, balloon pilot training and balloon maintenance regulations are among the strictest in the world. If a balloon is registered here in France and your pilot has been trained here in France - as is the case with Philippe - then you have the best environment for enjoying a safe balloon flight. It is compulsory for us to verify our proposed route and altitude just before each of our balloon flights, and to do this with both civilian and military authorities. In addition, Philippe's training means that he complies with the most up-to-date practices and benefits from the sector's long tradition of safety.

What should I bring with me?

Appropriate clothes (see below) and your camera. Space will be limited in the basket, so plan appropriately.

What clothes do I need?

Outdoor clothes that are appropriate for the season should be on the top of your list.We advise you not to wear shorts or short sleeves. (Wind chill or sunburn are best avoided.) Choose solid shoes, not sandals or high heels. Gloves will help in winter and hats will keep the warmth of the burner off your pate. If you pitch up wearing synthetic fibres, you'll have to leave them behind as they are not safe to wear near the balloon's burners.

What languages do you speak? Will I understand you?

Philippe speaks Dutch, French, English and German. You will certainly understand him!
Booking my flight

Booking my balloon flight

How do I book a flight with you?

Contact us using our contact form and we will telephone you to arrange a flight.

What does it cost?

A flight from our take-off spot at Lagraulet du Gers costs 246 € per person for a small group of two people (the minimum group size) or 220 € per person for a small group of three people (the maximum group size). We can take 2 or 3 passengers in the basket at a time.

Personalized flights: it is possible to take off from a spot of your choice (your own property or a village, for example, from your neighbour's meadow or somewhere near-by), making sure we flew above your property, wind conditions allowing. (The landowner's authorization will, of course, be needed in advance for take-off.)

For a flight with two people, including the transport back to the take-off spot, the total cost is 648 euros. A flight with three people in these conditions costs 750 euros.

If the take-off spot is located more than 40 kms from Lagraulet du Gers, an extra charge will be needed to cover driving expenses.

Contact us to arrange a flight