Balloons over France

Balloon flights in the Gers - our prices

Our exclusive balloon flights in the Gers

A flight from our take-off spot at Lagraulet du Gers costs 246 € per person for a small group of two people (the minimum group size) or 220 € per person for a small group of three people (the maximum group size). We can take 2 or 3 passengers in the basket at a time.

Personalized flights: it is possible to take off from a spot of your choice (your own property or a village, for example, from your neighbour's meadow or somewhere near-by), making sure we flew above your property, wind conditions allowing. (The landowner's authorization will, of course, be needed in advance for take-off.)

For a flight with two people, including the transport back to the take-off spot, the total cost is 648 euros. A flight with three people in these conditions costs 750 euros.

If the take-off spot is located more than 40 kms from Lagraulet du Gers, an extra charge will be needed to cover driving expenses.

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