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Philippe Schreinemachers of Balloons over France

Experience aloft

Balloons over France is run by Philippe Schreinemachers. Philippe is a licensed glider pilot of some 250 hours experience, and a hang glider pilot with very substantial experience in the French Alps, the Pyrénées and the Italian mountains near Perugia. After undergoing rigorous flying training in the Dordogne and in the Uzès/Pont du Gard region (considered to be the most demanding place to fly a balloon in France because of its unpredictable Garrigue winds), he has gained his balloon pilot's French license.

Safety first

Prior to climbing into the basket to become a full-time balloon pilot, Philippe worked as an insurance agent, having his own insurance business in the Gers, employing nine staff. He built the business up over a period of 19 years, developing a reputation for caring for his clients in a hands-on manner. With this background in mind, Philippe is ideally placed to understand risk and its reduction through systematically following technical regulations. When you take a balloon flight with Philippe, you will indeed be in safe hands.

A passion for flight

Philippe has been fascinated with flight and flying for as long as he can remember. From making toy parachutes to throw out of trees when he was a child to wanting to pilot Boeing jets, and from having radio-controlled 2-metre wingspan gliders to climbing into a real glider and gaining a glider license, Philippe's passion for flight has been life-long. He trained in hot air ballooning with a very experienced instructor, Jean Donnet, who flies in the Pont du Gard and can be contacted through Les Montgolfières du Sud.

Philippe can now welcome into his own balloon basket members of the public. His spanking new balloon arrived in the Gers during the spring of 2014 so you can now join Philippe for your very own balloon flight.

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